Floor Sanding Service

Professional Floor sanding Service

5 Star Floor Care offer outstanding value for money on our DUST FREE floor sanding service. We use genuine H Class Dust Filtration Systems which make the system we use safe to sand floors in hospitals, so you can rest assured we can protest the precious environment of your home. 

Our professional dust free floor sanding system uses state of the art equipment which greatly reduces both noise & hazardous, messy dust particles which can often saturate the room or premises where the floor sanding service is taking place with inferior equipment or an operator who fails to clean up adequately after he has performed his work without our top of the range floor sanding equipment. 

Floor sanding services are usually needed when planned maintenance has been neglected and the dirt has started to penetrate the wood once the finish of the wood has worn through. Once we have sanded we can usually offer you the choice of a wood stain, whether oiling or lacquering & can also give you options for matt, satin or glossy sheens as well as a range of colours when using various oils.

This School hall we sanded 

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