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In our 15th years serving as carpet cleaners, Beckenham residents know who to call for the best carpet cleaning in BR3. We’re very proud of the excellent reputation we’ve gained. Also for our customer focused local carpet cleaning service BR3 to become… “The recommended carpet cleaner Beckenham residents can trust for the best carpet cleaning in BR3”. By the National Carpet Cleaners Association & rank number 1 for carpet cleaning in Beckenham.

Furthermore, we take extreme pride in our carpet cleaning services in Beckenham. Proven by our check-a-trade rating of 9.9/10. TO PROVE WE ARE GENUINELY THE NUMBER 1 CARPET CLEANERS IN BECKENHAM.

See why we’re an IICRC certified firm & recommended by so many other trustworthy local carpet cleaners referral sources. Including the Wool-safe organisation, Trust-mark and being Safe-contractor  approved, you’re guaranteed TO BE IN SAFE HANDS!


Learn more about our carpet cleaning service Beckenham now! IF A PICTURE SAYS 1000 WORDS, THEN WATCH THIS VIDEO OF OUR LOCAL CARPET CLEANERS BECKENHAM IN ACTION! This video about our local carpet cleaning service, SHOW YOU HOW WE ACHIEVE SUCH HIGH STANDARDS! Read More ...

Our unrivalled experience & qualifications for carpet cleaning in Beckenham, is as extensive as our list of highly trusted & respected carpet cleaning sources & organisations who will back up all of claims.

As proud members of Trustmark, the government backed endorsement scheme for trading services that enter your home. Our domestic carpet cleaning customers can rest assured of employing the best carpet cleaning company in Beckenham for the job. While our prospective commercial carpet cleaning clients can check our Health & Safety Policies & Procedures are in place through our safecontractor approved status!

  1. We have almost 300 genuine checkatrade views with a 9.93/10 rating for carpet cleaners Beckenham .
  2. Our expert carpet cleaning BR3 can offer stain protection solutions for your carpets.
  3. Our carpet cleaning company offer expert on and off site Rug Cleaning Beckenham.
  4. We also offer expert Upholstery cleaning Beckenham as part of our carpet cleaning services in BR3.
  5. Check out what our customers are saying about our carpet cleaners in BR3.
  6. Other areas we operate our carpet cleaning service: carpet cleaning Bromley, carpet cleaning chislehurst, carpet cleaning Orpington, carpet cleaning croydon. Also, carpet cleaning petts wood, carpet cleaning south east london.


  • Domestic Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Anti Allergen Treatments
  • Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Packages
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
  • Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service

  • Stain Repellent Treatments
  • Anti moth & insect treatments
  • Professional Rug Cleaning
  • Local Carpet Cleaners 15+ Years Experience


5 Star Floor Care technicians are reliable & trustworthy. Also, with 15 years service as your go to local carpet cleaners, we deliver great results. In fact we’re Advanced Members of the NCCA, Wool-safe, The IICRC  and we are also SAFE-CONTRACTOR APPROVED.

So that means WE ARE! Highly Trained, Fully Insured, Health & Safety compliant & very experienced. Also our Policies and Procedures for local carpet cleaning services guarantee Safety & efficiency in any domestic or commercial premises.

Use our local carpet cleaners in Beckenham today, for tried and trusted carpet steam cleaning. As a result we eliminate  all dirt, odour, contaminants & bacteria from your carpets. All for very affordable Carpet Cleaning Prices In Beckenham.

Therefore, we guarantee 5 Star quality as standard! Also that we’re fully insured, highly trained & provide expert, professional carpet cleaning services Beckenham.


  • Polite, freindly & uniformed staff

  • Great results with unrivaled customer service

  • Competitive prices from a highly accredited company

  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • You will be another one of our thousands of happy customers



(Minimum Charge of £60 Applied to Regular Cleaning Services - We Do Not Charge VAT)

Single Room (up to 12x12)£25£40£50
Through Lounge£50£70£100
Hall, Stairs, and Landing£35£55£70
Stain Removal£10N/AN/A
Scotch Guard/Anti-Allergy£15£10N/A
Turbo Drying£15£10Included

(Please note that our prices are based on average-sized terraced houses and flats without modification)

1-Bedroom Flat£65£85TBA
2-Bedroom Flat£75£100TBA
2-Bedroom House£85£125TBA
3-Bedroom House£100£150TBA
4-Bedroom House£125£175TBA


Choosing us as your local carpet cleaners, means that that you’re in safe hands. Also that you will safely avoid dishonest rogue traders or cowboy carpet cleaning companies in Beckenham. All for very competitive prices for carpet cleaning in BR3 postcodes.

Our professional carpet cleaners BR3 carry out all work according to the British Standards Institute. Therefore we carry out all the recommended practices for Professional Inspection Cleaning. Also adhering to all correct codes of practice for the maintenance & cleaning carpets. Furthermore, we only use the best steam cleaning equipment for our local carpet cleaning services BR3, guaranteed!

You will also be pleased to hear that we give free quotes for carpet cleaning in Beckenham and beyond.


Which Carpet Cleaning Company In Beckenham Should I Use? ?

How do I know that the local carpet cleaners BR3 I have chosen are trained & insured?

Check with organisations such as the National Carpet Cleaners Association. Because they are the only nationally recognised trade association for professional carpet cleaners. Consequently, all members are fully trained and competent in providing carpet cleaning services. All members hold the correct type of public liability insurance.

Other associations like checkatrade, trustmark & safecontactor provide non industry specific checks for insurance & competence. Therefore, when chose us our local carpet cleaners BR3 you are assured that. First, we are vetted and monitored with over 16 separate checks. Second, that you have found the right carpet cleaners in BR3, with 5 Star Floor Care. Third, that the links we have provided for verifying membership of these associations are valid.

Our technicians at 5 Star Floor Care listed under professional carpet cleaners Beckenham with checkatrade. We have over 265 genuine customer reviews from our carpet cleaning Beckenham service.

Furthermore, as members of, a government endorsed standards scheme for trades like ours. Provide essential checks for professional carpet cleaners in Beckenham, who operate in your home. Therefore, we advise checking for a qualified and insured local carpet cleaning service on

You should also ask carpet cleaning companies Beckenham if they have appropriate Health and Safety Policies in place. Because of our transparency, you can also find our local carpet cleaning service in Beckenham with safecontractor. They will verify if your chosen carpet cleaning company in  Beckenham have legitimate health and safety schedules.

Finally, check that any professional carpet cleaning companies is endorsed by the Woolsafe organisation. If they are, they will be fully trained and insured to provide local carpet cleaning services in BR3. Therefore, as members of woolsafe, the NCCA, Trustmark, Checkatrade, you know were qualified. Also, we’re approved as outstanding local carpet cleaners by the Bromley Trading Standards team. So, choose 5 Star Floor Care as your number 1 carpet cleaners in Beckenham.

How Much Does It Carpet Cleaning In Beckenham Cost?

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning In Beckenham Cost?

Our Charges For Carpet Cleaning In Beckenham!

We provide a tiered carpet cleaning pricing structure for carpet cleaning in Beckenham. We offer basic, deep and premium carpet cleaning prices. Further information can be obtained through our price list below.

However, the basic carpet cleaning prices start from a minimum charge of £60. Sometimes significant stain removal increases these costs to £75 upward, for deep cleaning. Likewise, our premium carpet cleaning services will increase the costs up to around £100 and over. This is due to the extra procedures we will perform. First, we offer stain protection services. Second, turbo drying. Lastly carpet grooming, if you select our premium services.

It’s important to note these prices for carpet cleaning Beckenham are based on 1 room or service being ordered. If more than one service or room is ordered the cleaning is significantly discounted. Hence why we offer a standard price list and a package deal list.

For full details of our services and a comparison between please check the table below or see our about us page.

Can You Guarantee Stain Removal?

Can Your Local Carpet Cleaners BR3 Guarantee To Remove All Stains From My Carpet?

NO. Despite being able to remove most everyday stains and marks from a carpet. So, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the remove all stains from you carpet. Even though we're trained and well-practiced in advanced stain removal techniques. Our local carpet cleaners Beckenham can only guarantee we will give our best efforts to removing the stains. Also, to have the appropriate cleaning methods, knowledge and use the correct products. Therefore, we always make the best possible attempts to remove any stains from your carpet.
As a helpful resource from our local carpet cleaners Beckenham, we have compiled a helpful guide of practical stain removal advice. Please get in touch for more info about our local carpet cleaning BR3.
Some factors are completely beyond our control. Therefore, successful stain removal can depend on. First, the age of the stain. Second, the type of carpet fibres. Because some are more prone or resistant to stains than others. Last, what has caused the stain, for obvious reasons.
However as always, we recommend you call on our carpet cleaning Beckenham as soon as possible. Because an early attempt at stain removal usually gives the best chance of it being removed.

How Long Will The Carpets Take to Dry?

How Long Will My Carpets Take To Dry After A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

As the number 1 professional carpet cleaners in Beckenham we only use the best available carpet cleaning machinery. This greatly reduces drying times. Coupled with the skill of our professional carpet cleaners in BR3. Therefore, at best, we can achieve at best drying times of 1-4 hours. However, as a worst-case scenario you may be looking at drying times of between 8-24 hours.
The reason for this range of times is due to various reasons, including. The carpet type, air temperature & whether you leave windows open or not. Also the service used and whether you have chosen our premium turbo drying service. Which our carpet cleaners in Beckenham are happy to offer.

Can You Remove Pet Odours From My Carpets?

Do You Guarantee Bad Odours Will Be Removed From Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Our Beckenham carpet cleaners BR3 are certified odour control technicians. Therefore, we regularly attend all types of jobs while carpet cleaning in Beckenham. Unfortunately, some where pet odours or spilled drinks have been left without treatment for too long. Consequently the carpet has become the source of an overpowering stench that fills the room.

In most cases our local carpet cleaners BR3 can successfully treat and remove these smells completely from the carpet. Especially if you deal with the problem immediately or as soon as possible.

In cases of where there has been a build-up of contamination in the carpet over many months or longer. Or the problem has been left for too long. There may be less chance of our local carpet cleaners BR3 completely removing the odour from the carpet.

Our expert local carpet cleaners in BR3 still treat the area with appropriate treatments. But if it has penetrated the carpet backing and gone into the underlay. Then depending on how severe it is, may be aiming for odour contol rather than odour removal. Although we try to remove it with our deodorizing steam cleaning techniques. Either way our carpet cleaning BR3 technicians will give you the right advice.

Call our Beckenham carpet cleaners BR3 in severe cases where there is continuous re-soiling in the same area. Especially if the smell has got into the carpet backing and underlay and reached the sub floor. Worse still if it’s happened in more than one place. Fortunately, our local carpet cleaners BR3 may be able to improve the odour significantly. But unfortunately, might not be able to remove it completely. We would inform you beforehand that it may be impossible to remove the odour to acceptable levels.

How To Prepare For Your Carpets To Be Cleaned!

What Should I Do Before Your Local Carpet Cleaning Service Arrives?

If using our budget local carpet cleaning service BR3 we may advise you to hoover the carpets before we arrive. Along with clearing the floor of room if possible.  Mainly of any small and loose items of furniture, such as dining chairs or nests of tables. However you generally never need to worry about moving the larger items of furniture. Because we make the process stress free for you, our friendly carpet cleaning service is flexible.

For example we give you the choice if you want the furniture moved or not. Furthermore, if you have chosen our premium or deep carpet cleaning service BR3, we will move furniture whenever possible.

Relax and let your local carpet cleaning company Beckenham take care of the hoovering and moving your furniture.

But it's always helpful for you to remove loose items of furniture if possible. Also to clear ornaments or books from items that you want us to move.

Do You Clean Sisal & Seagrass Carpets?

How Do I Carpets Cleaned As Most Companies Don’t Clean Them?

Yes we are fully trained to offer dry carpet cleaning services in Beckenham. Vitally, we do not use our steam cleaning machines on these carpets. Because they can damage and distort the fibers. Instead, we use dry carpet cleaning methods to tackle Sisal & Seagrass carpets. They are awkward to clean and unfortunately don’t give the same results as carpet steam cleaning. Feel free to call our local carpet cleaners in BR3 for free advice.  Even if your not sure if you have sisal or seagrass carpets. Contact us today.

Will Carpet Cleaning Help Relieve My Allergies?

I Suffer From Allergies. What Can I Expect From Your Professional Carpet Cleaners In Beckenham?

Yes, our Beckenham carpet cleaning services in BR3 have a range of solutions for allergy sufferers!

Carpets will actually filter out pollutants and airborne particles and trap them within the fibers of the carpet. So without a regular professional carpet cleaning service BR3, like ours. These accumulated deposits in the carpet can become very unhealthy. They will build up and combine with bacteria and other microorganisms and make allergy symptoms worse. So regular carpet cleaning in Beckenham from our local carpet cleaners in BR3 is necessary. Specifically it will prevent all sorts of unwelcome visitors living in your carpet, especially dust mites.

Our local carpet cleaners in Beckenham, use the most powerful powerful carpet steam cleaning machines. We will eliminate up-to 99.9% dirt, odor, contaminants & bacteria from your carpets. All for an affordable Price for Carpet Cleaning In Beckenham. As an extra form of lasting protection against allergies. Ask our local carpet cleaners in BR3 about our Anti-Allergen Treatments

5 Star Floor Care are also trained and licensed to provide textile insect pest removal. For example we use flea and mite treatments as part of our Beckenham carpet cleaning services BR3.

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Darren was very professional. He did a fantastic job cleaning our carpet.

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We have used Darren of Five Star Carpet Care three times now and are always happy with his work. We always recommend him when we can.

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He explained clearly what needed to be done and was polite and courteous throughout. The carpet cleaning was done very well and we are very pleased with the results.

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