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The process of our Floor Sanding Shortlands will go through three stages such as preparation, sanding, and coating with a protective sealant. After the proper execution of these processes by our professional sanding experts, you can experience attractive and fresh sanded floors that will take your breath away.

At 5 Star Floor Care, we have the expertise in delivering a wide range of options for refurbishing your floors. It can be 3 coats of matt or semi-gloss lacquer or 2 coats of commercial grade hard-wax oils for finishing the floors. When it comes to staining of floors, it can be done with various colors before lacquering. For more unique and bespoke looking floor, you can choose different colors with hard-wax oils. If you need, then we can give you a sample of color finishing or we can put test patches directly onto your floors.

We assure you the unbeatable result of Floor Sanding Shortlands at the best prices that you can rely on.

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How your room’s floors will appear depends on you. Yes, it is true. There are various sorts of floors you can install in your home at Shortlands; the wooden floor is one of them which are specially designed for sanding. Especially, our Floor Sanding Shortlands method is intended for eliminating the top surfaces of a wooden floor by sanding with abrasive materials.

To acquire the attractive sanded floors for your residences and offices, 5 Star Floor Care is the first and last choice that provides professional sanding services. We pride ourselves for being one of the leading floor restoring companies in Shortlands by serving the highest level of services according to client’s requirement. We have earned the respect of most trusted and reliable brand from our valuable clients because of our cautious, accountable and truthful working procedures.

Here at 5 Star Floor Care, we often focus on the quality products and equipment to be used in Floor Sanding Shortlands and assure the users that are in the safe hand for their complete floor restoration or renovation. Definitely, you will get an unmatchable and affordable deal by getting in contact with us at the right time.


We are always updated with the latest technology so that we use specialized sanding machines for the best result. We have different sorts of equipment for different restoration methods, including Belt/drum sanders, edge sanding machine and also other developed machines. For sanding steps multi-disc sander or buffer is available. They are guaranteed to give you a stunning finish that will put the WOW factor back into your room.


  • Wood Floor Cleaning & Polishing
  • Dust Free Floor Sanding
  • Cleaning & Re-oiling
  • Re-lacquering Without Sanding
  • Gap Filling With Slivers/Resin
  • Floor Repair & Replacement

  • Noise Reduction & Draught Sealing
  • Floor Staining
  • Coloured Oil Finishes
  • Commercial Oil & Lacquered Finisges


5 Star Floor Care’s local floor sanding service is at hand to provide dust free floor sanding services with H-Class dust filtration system. The floor sanders we use are the latest generation of floor sanding equipment.  They are guaranteed to give you a stunning finish that will put the WOW factor back into your room.

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This 5 Star floor sanding company offers a full range of choices when it comes to finishing your floor. We either finish with 3 coats of matt or semi-gloss lacquer, or 2 coats of commercial grade hard-wax oils. The floor can be stained in a variety of colours before lacquering. With hard-wax oils containing a range of colours if you would like a more unique and bespoke looking floor. If you choose a coloured finish, we either provide samples, or put test patches directly onto your floor.


If your floor still has its seal intact & is just dirty, then it generally won’t need sanding. Our wood floor cleaning service can assist in either regular, or one-off deep cleaning. It is always best to use professional wood floor cleaners to avoid using incorrect products that can damage your floor.

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Many household cleaners can attack the finish or seal & strip it away leaving the floor prone to damage. Once a wooden floors seal has gone, every time you clean it the floor is just absorbing more dirt. Using our professional wood floor cleaning company will guarantee your floor is in safe hands.

Likewise, applying polish incorrectly can cause you unnecessary problems. When your floors have been polished & are starting to dull. Use professional wood floor cleaning companies like us to clean and buff the shine back into the floor. If left too long our floor polishing service will re-apply topical floor polish to get the shine back after cleaning. A relatively simple process for our professional floor cleaners as we understand wood. Let us plan the correct floor maintenance service schedule for you, to keep your domestic or commercial floors looking great. Otherwise cleaning will become ineffective & you will require more expensive floor maintenance services. Call our wood floor cleaning specialists today for free advice & great.


The need for our wood floor restoration services will be a result of the condition that your floor is in when you contact our local floor restoration service. If the floor seal has been worn away and dirt has penetrated the surface of the floor. Or it has significant surface damage like deep scratches or stains. Then it will be beyond cleaning or maintenance and need our floor restoration services.

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Planned floor Maintenance services:

There are 2 types of maintenance services that we provide depending on where your floor is on the floor care cycle. They are either planned or reactive maintenance procedures. Our professional wood floor planned maintenance service stops your floor deteriorating into a state where cleaning is no longer effective. This typically involves procedures like reapplying coats of lacquers & oils without sanding.  To keep your floor looking it’s best & prevent an expensive restoration becoming necessary. Get in touch with our local floor sanders in Bromley, to find out how we can help!

Reactive Floor Maintenance:

Reactive wood floor maintenance is needed when wooden floors have not been suitably protected during building or redecorating work. For example if plaster or paint penetrate the wood grain and won’t clean out despite your best efforts. This is fairly common on engineered wood floors that have been oiled. You will normally find that if you try and clean it yourself, it will look better when the floor is wet. But when it dries out it becomes apparent that the contamination is still there. If this happens you will need the help of our local wood floor cleaning services in Bromley.


The team at 5 Star Floor Care can assist you in every step if you choose a wooden floor. We provide all services from installation through to a full restoration and ongoing maintenance & cleaning. Depending on the condition of the floor our floor restoration service can offer cost effective solutions. Sometimes we can sand & do patch repairs to fix damage without sanding the entire floor. Our technicians can repair or replace damaged sections of the floor that needs to be cut out & replaced. Ideally, we will find the same floor to replace it with. If not, then reclaimed wood can match very closely if not exactly with the floor once sanded & finished. Or add entire new sections to an existing floor & finish it to match.

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